Crews Always Provides a Welcome Mat

Consistency has been the mark of 11-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier John Crews’ pro angling career. And that includes his commitment to a pre-launch routine.

The green rag you see laying on the front deck of his Bass Cat is first used to wipe the dew off his boat seats. Then he arranges it in perfect position every morning to be used as a welcome mat for his ride-along judges and marshals to wipe their feet on as they board.

Crews’ ride along judge on Sunday at Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest on Lake Fork was sweet and jovial Amy Wisdom.

She’s a 24-year-old from East Texas who couldn’t help but laugh at the site of Crews’ green welcome mat. She’s been paired with him before and knew it would be there this morning. Especially following three wet and muddy days on Lake Fork.

“Oh yea. The towel is there every time,” she laughed. “I rode with John at the Bassmaster Elite on the Sabine River when he made it to Championship Sunday, and he had the welcome mat waiting for me that morning too.”

Crews says it’s not just any old green rag. “I actually call it “The Charlie Hartley Signature Series Towel” because Charlie is the only angler I know who is so fanatical about keeping his equipment clean, he actually washes his boat in the morning before he launches,” laughs Crews.

Not only is Crews’ towel a nice gesture, but also a common sense move by the Virginia pro to maintain resale value on his Bass Cat by avoiding visible wear and dirt stains on the front deck carpet.

This is Amy’s third tournament to ride with the Elite Series pros, and she sees the opportunity as a fast track to learning more about the sport she loves. “I’ve always been a fan, but I’m hoping to start fishing some team tournaments with my dad, so this is a great way to learn a lot really quick,” she says.

She’ll certainly garner great knowledge on everything from how to target bass that are munching on spawning shad, to shallow crankbaits and swimbaits too.

But her first lesson of the day from Crews was one centered on courtesy, and a simple way to keep your boat carpet clean.