Control Your Trolling Motor

Here it is the new X3 & X5 from Motor Guide is on the market. The design team at Motor Guide did a great job and almost got it perfect. It is still lacking a few areas but we have the answers.

The first thing we noticed and hear was the new steering system is awesome! However there is still a noticeable amount of steering torque. The guys at Troll Perfect are now offering a model to fit the X5 and X3. One pro stated “the Troll Perfect should be standard on every trolling motor.”


While the X3 & X5 are a bit lighter with its composite shaft than the Tour model it still gets heavy after a day of fishing, the T-H Marine G Force Equalizers work perfectly and reduce the felt pulled weight by over 50%.



Lastly the motor is very efficient but still not as quiet as it could be due to the natural flex of the prop. Stealth can be the difference in a good day and a great day. So do yourself a favor and add the T-H Marine G Force Eliminator. Reduce the noise and vibration of your trolling motor with the Eliminator.


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