Color Me Perfect

So does your favorite hard bait not come in the best colors? It’s no laughing matter, it’s something that everyone has an opinion about. Make no mistake color does matter!

In my opinion the actual running characteristics (depth, wobble, profile) of a crankbait are more important than color; but color is the final “deal-sealer.” “The right color will result in a solid hook-up where you really need to dig deep within the fish’s mouth to dislodge the hooks. On the other hand, the wrong color often results in poorly hooked fish that are either barely lip-hooked on the rear hook or are foul-hooked somewhere in the face or body. Of course the wrong color also could fail to draw a strike altogether!” says Jim Moynagh.

So how many times have the lure manufacturers stop making your favorite color or you have a good crankbait but would like it in another color? Welcome to the world of customization and custom paint jobs.

I have had the opportunity to become good friends with Trey Simpson who loves to make your dreams and lure designs come true. On every lake in the country there is a special color and they always seem to be hard to find. Just like lakes, every fisherman/fisherwoman also has their very own favorite colors as well. I don’t know of anyone who couldn’t go out to the ol’ shed and find some baits that they never use because the color just wasn’t right. Well pack those babies up and get them custom painted in your favorite fish catching colors and put them to use instead of putting them in the yard sale.

Customization will save you some money and you get what you want! Kind of like Burger King, “Have It Your Way” says Trey. Waste no time look Trey up on Facebook or give him a call at 276-389-7772.

By Wayne Smelser