College Anglers Preview Lake Bemidji at Carhartt Bassmaster Championship

Ryan McLaughlin and Justin St. Onge of Haywood Community College in North Carolina, along with Tyler Rivet and Cameron Naquin of Nicholls State in Louisiana, took time to offer their opinions on what to expect at the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship that begins Thursday morning on Lake Bemidji in Northern Minnesota.














What will be the biggest challenge this week?
McLaughlin & St. Ogne: Trying to find a place to fish that’s not crowded with other anglers.
Rivet & Naquin: Dealing with fishing pressure from other college anglers in certain areas of the lake.

What’s your favorite thing about Bemidji?
McLaughlin & St. Ogne: The scenery and the diversity of fishable habitat.
Rivet & Naquin: The northern pike fishing is pretty awesome.

Name four lures you think will get used most by the tournament competitors?
McLaughlin & St. Ogne:  A punch rig for thick vegetation, a frog, a spinnerbait, and a Senko.
Rivet & Naquin: A frog, a beaver-style punch bait, a topwater plug, and a jerkbait.

How much weight do you think it’ll take to make the Top 10 at the end of Thursday’s competition?
McLaughlin & St. Ogne:  13 ½ pounds
Rivet & Naquin: 12 ½ pounds