Cold Water Springtime Cranking

When the water temperatures begin to rise in the early spring, cranking can be one of the best techniques for covering water and catching the big female bass that are on their migration to the spawning areas. Pete Gluszek will share his best tactics and crankbaits for catching these fat female bass.   Click here to watch the entire class

Pete “the Dean of The Bass University” has been competing on the highest professional levels for more than ten years, as he has qualified for the Bassmaster Classic three times and the FLW Outdoors Championship. Pete won the Bassmaster Northern Open on Cayuga Lake in 2012 and he currently has the record for the heaviest winning margin in the history of the FLW Stren Series, finishing almost 18 pounds in front of 2nd place.  Pete is a river specialist and has won on both the Bassmaster and FLW Outdoors tournament trails.  Grab a seat at Pete’s next seminar or watch his filmed classes now on The Bass University TV.  You won’t want to miss his informative and entertaining classes!

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