Clent Davis to Represent Fisherman’s Thumb for 2014-2015

Birmingham, Ala – FLW Tour Angler Clent Davis has agreed to represent Fisherman’s Thumb for 2014 – 2015. Fisherman’s Thumb is a thumb protector for anglers of all species, but it’s especially good for bass anglers.

“We fish for weeks at a time, and generally we go through a lot of fish. While it’s a good sign to have your hands bleeding after a day of fishing, it’s not something we really want. By using a Fisherman’s Thumb, I can alleviate the raw skin and irritation that usually takes weeks to go away.  Prior to finding the Fisherman’s Thumb, in a good season, my thumb actually never fully healed,” Davis explained.

Tom Lewis of Fisherman’s Thumb is excited about working with FLW pro Clent Davis. He stated, “Clent has been a customer for a while now and we’ve enjoyed his feedback. Working with Clent, we hope to get the word out about our product and start saving thumbs from coast to coast.”

Davis fishes with his on all day. “It’s comfortable to have on, and it doesn’t interfere with my fishing at all.  I don’t use my thumb for feeling bites, and it actually secures my grip on the reel handle. It’s nice to know I can lip dozens of fish throughout the day without any damage. Plus, it adds some extra protection when I am grabbling a fish’s mouth that is also full of hooks,” Davis said.

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