Christie Cashes in with Contingencies

Jason Christie is one of the best bass anglers alive right now. While the Garmin pro from eastern Oklahoma has made an impressive pile of money with a rod and reel throughout his career, don’t think that means he disregards opportunities for bonus cash through contingency programs. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“I don’t care if a contingency program is offering a $50 payout or a $5,000 payout – I want in,” Christie said. I make my living in the fishing industry, so every extra dime I can earn back through a contingency program is money well spent in my opinion. If two companies make a quality product that I need to compete, and one offers an incentive program, I’m going to go with who offers the contingency every time.”

Christie’s logic recently earned him another $3,500 of reward money for his 3rd place finish in the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell. Earning $1000 from Leer “Cover Cash”, and an additional $2,500 for being the second highest Toyota Bonus Bucks participant.

“No matter what I need a reliable truck to get my boat to the lake and a truck cap to give me a place to store all my equipment during long stints on the road,” Christie explained. “Toyota and Leer both make quality products that I believe in, both of these companies support the fishing industry, and they offer contingency programs that help me pay off my investments. Why wouldn’t I run a Tundra and a Leer camper shell? It’s honestly a no-brainer for me.”

Being a participant in programs like Ranger Cup, Toyota Bonus Bucks, and Leer “Cover Cash” has earned Christie somewhere around $100,000 of bonus money throughout his career by his own best estimate. Christie is living proof that contingency programs can pay off in a big way.

The $1000 of “Cover Cash” Christie earned from the 2018 Classic was used to fund another one of his passions, deer hunting.

“I just bought my Kansas tags for deer hunting,” Christie grinned. “The way I look at it, Leer just paid for my hunting this fall. While we are still a little too far out from archery season for me to be thinking about it too much, it’s nice knowing it’s all squared away.”

You don’t have to be a professional angler to reap the rewards of “Cover Cash”. You just need to own a Leer product and compete in one of the over 300 sponsored events. Whether you own a fiberglass Leer truck cap like Christie or you own a folding, rolling, or retractable tonneau cover, you are eligible to register for this FREE contingency program.

For a full list of sanctioned events, or to register for the Leer “Cover Cash” program head to . If you’d rather call than click, give Kendell at (918) 742-6424 a ring, and she will help get you signed up.