Choosing the Right Blade

How many times are you cruising the aisles at your favorite tackle retailer, or browsing the pages of your favorite e-retailer, with a sense of confusion. In particular, the task of searching for the right spinnerbait can be daunting. I recently asked myself, Doug, Why don’t you fish spinnerbaits more? To this I had no answer and went out on a mission with just one bait, The Molix Venator.


Now, the Molix Venator is not your “average” spinnerbait. No, this one is different, there is something very special about this bait that gives myself, the angler, added confidence. If you look closely at the head of the bait, you’ll notice that it is not round, not oval, but has more of a concaved shape to it. This precision molding developed by Molix gives the bait a side to side sashay and shimmy action on any given retrieve. When you combine this subtle action with the thin flexible upper arm and double density wire lower, your results are an exaggerated vibration from the blades with the action provided by the head.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.29.55 PM


A common concern among anglers fishing spinnerbaits is the ability of the bait to go through and deflect off cover. I was one of those when I first saw the bait and was simply amazed on how it came through grass with ease and bounced off cover like it was never even there. It appeared to practically swim around the cover and generate bites on a regular basis.


The Molix Venator comes in some absolutely fantastic colors, giving everyone the ability to adjust their bait to any given forage in any given body of water. My personal favorite would be the Ike’s Bluegill, especially for fishing waters here in New England that are dominated by kiver… or bluegill.


Every single angler will have their favorite rod and reel combo for throwing spinnerbaits. Personally, I turn to my 6’9” Denali Kovert LT paired with my 6.3:1 Daiwa Tatula Type-HD with T-Wing technology. If you haven’t check those out, you may just be missing the bus to the top of the leaderboard.

Good fishing Doug Cameron

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To view the full line up of the Molix Venator spinnerbaits, Denali Kovert LT’s and Daiwa reels, check out your local retailer or these awesome e-retailers.​

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