Choose the Right Line

When it comes to fishing, confidence is king! Confidence in yourself, your lures, your equipment, andyour fishing line. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing for a $10 jackpot, or $100,000 at the top level, if you put your bait where the fish live, you need to be able to get them out. With the Elite Series event having just wrapped up on the Delaware River, where the world’s best flipped and pitched every piece of gnarly industrial cover out there. Ike walked away with his trophy in grand fashion.

Now on the horizon is the FLW Rayovac event on the James River, where the same metal industrial docks, rusted
out barges, and barnacle clad dock posts will be in play. It seems as good a time as any to talk about line choices. Gamma Fluorocarbon line has taken over 90% of my fishing. The only time I’m not using

Fluorocarbon is for punching, Frogging, Topwater, and a few other exceptions. It is so important to have a line that can absorb a big hookset, and have excellent abrasion resistance after you have the fish hooked. With Gamma on my reels I have full confidence that when I flip in there, the fish is coming out.

Another advantage of having a great quality fluorocarbon is when the fishing gets tough, downsizing lures, and your line, can equal more bites. Having the benefit of using a lighter line than the next guy can be a big advantage on the water.

Choosing the right line for the job can mean the difference in cashing ans making an excuse.

By Charlie Machek

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