Brandon Lester Talks Spicy Chicken and St. Clair Smallmouth

Brandon Lester has done very well in past events on Lake St. Clair, and he doesn’t hide his love of the smallmouth and the refreshing Southeast Michigan weather. The Team Toyota pro just wishes he had time to sample some of the better food offerings in the area.

Q: When somebody says the words “Lake St. Clair” – what’s the first thing that pops to mind?

Lester: That’s easy, big waves and big smallmouth!

Q: What should fans keep their eye on during this week’s Bassmaster Elite Series event?

Lester: It’s gonna be another full-blown smallmouth beatdown. I’m not sure the average smallmouth is quite as fat this year as they were last September when we were here, but it’s still going to be pretty dang impressive. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this place be anything short of awesome.

Q: This area is famous for a lot of great food including deep fried perch and Coney Island hot dogs. What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the five days you’ve been here so far?

Lester: Oh man, I’m staying in a hotel all by myself. So I’m hurting in the good food department. It’s been all about ‘fast and easy’ the past five days. So probably a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in this particular Bassmaster Elite event on St. Clair?

Lester: The weather, and I love catching smallmouth! We have plenty of big smallmouth at home in Tennessee, but it’s brutally hot there, and it feels like early fall here. It was 57 degrees this morning when I launched.

Q: Lastly, name three lures you won’t leave the dock without Thursday morning.

Lester: An X-Zone Slammer on a drop shot, an X-Zone Ned Zone, and a crankbait that will run 12 to 15-feet deep.

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