Blade Baits Expanded

The world of vibrating jigs seems to be growing exponentially. Every time I check my favorite tackle E-trailers I see more and more designs for this somewhat simple lure.

One such design that popped out at me was the Molix Lover and Rattlin’ Lover. This bait has a fixed polycarbonate lip like a crankbait but has it fixed in an upturned position like a chatterbait or scrounger style lure. I’ve had past success with both of those lure types and thought I could do even better if I could combine them.

lover_1The Lover fits that niche perfectly. The front end of the bait is a detailed Italian-stylized fish head with a straight shank hook fixed to it via a split ring. The hook holds a stock banded skirt in a matching color and a very stout bait keeper. The hook point is extremely sharp and the barb is neither too large or too small for my liking. When fishing with the lure alone I noticed a very pronounced wobble and C-shape when falling on the pause. This is unlike any other vibrating lure or other lure on the market. The addition of a straight style plastic trailer like a RadFish Rad Shad or Molix Silgozzo completed a baitfish profile perfectly. It almost looks like two fish swimming in tight unison when burned back to the boat. Boot tail swimbaits seemed to counteract the bait’s natural swimming action.Be sure to experiment with your trailers to see what fish like best.

In a recent tournament, I was able to throw the Lover with great success after a morning of frustration. Traditional baits and presentations were not working for me. I made a move with my Charger from Wood Boat and Motor and dropped my trolling motor just outside a flat with a narrow ditch running through it. The Lover allowed me to cover the flat and the ditch all along the depth change until I was able to find the fish. The lure held up to multiple fish strikes and I was very pleased to only use one trailer throughout an entire day of fishing. The articulating hook kept fish pinned on during the fight and I didn’t have any fear of a clip or snap breaking on me when I swung them in the boat.

I highly recommend adding the Lover to your arsenal of vibrating lures. It comes in 9 color combinations and several weights. The Rattlin’ version is a little fatter and would be perfect for night fishing or dirty water conditions. You don’t need a dating site to find this Lover. Just stop by your favorite tackle shop and add them to your cart. It might just be the best date on the water you’ll ever have. Doug Cameron

10494752_481170395318937_8531802209580370366_nDoug is a new addition to the Bass East staff and will be bringing us real life product reviews from his on the water experiences.

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You can get a Lover of your own here.

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