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Biobor EB is a complete fuel treatment for use in all gasoline and ethanol-blended fuels. With the introduction of ethanol in today’s gasoline at volumes up to 15%, Biobor EB will combat the corrosion and phase separation issues that arise while also stabilizing fuel for storage and removing performance robbing deposits and varnish. Great for use in any 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engine, Biobor EB protects vital engine components while promoting a more efficient, better running engine.

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Here are a few certificates that recommend, by name, the use of Biobor® as the fuel additive of choice:

Baja Marine Owner’s ManualChaparral Boats Owner’s ManualDetroit Diesel Operators ManualDetroit Diesel Service Bulletin

Regal Owner’s Manual

Sea Ray Owner’s Manual

Steyr Motors Operation and Maintenance Manual

Boeing Type Certificate

Ranked No. 1
for corrosion protection for gasoline additives…

In an independent study by Practical Sailor, “Fuel Additives that Fight Corrosion”, Biobor EB® ranked best choice among the leading fuel additives on the market.

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BIOBOR PRO Keith Combs – Defending Champion
Biobor® EB Pro Angler, Keith Combs, set records at this year’s Toyota Texas Bass Classic Championship Tournament, where the world’s greatest in bass fishing battled it out for the top spot. The three day event took place May 9-11, at the historic Lake Fork, the bass capital of the world, with an average weight of 5.02 lbs. per fish.

Combs surpassed the previous tour-level world record weight, set in 2000, with 110 lbs.
He had three ‘overs’, resulting in the ATX Wheels Big Bass prize with his 10-4 catch.
He claimed the Leer Heavyweight Award for the heaviest single day weight of 42-0.
Keith Combs defended his title to become an unprecedented three time Toyota Texas Bass Classic Champion!


“To win tournaments everything must go flawlessly from start to finish.
I run Biobor EB in my tanks at every event, and it hasn’t let me down yet…Three world championship titles and counting.”
Biobor® EB is proud to sponsor Keith Combs and wishes to congratulate his great achievements. Biobor® EB and Combs look forward to many more in the future.For more info visit:
BioborEB Pro Anglers
Keith CombsAn exciting season for Combs, placing top 10 in three tournaments and placing in the money an additional three more times. Combs has won over $70,000 in prize money so far this Elite season and reeled in close to 340 pounds of fish.Keith currently sits in 5th place in the Angler of the Year standings
Cliff “Cajun Baby” CrochetThe Cajun Baby has been on a roll himself, earning over $45,000 in prize money, from 5 Elite events. Placing in the top 12 at Dardanelle and Toledo Bend events, Cliff has caught a total of almost 280 pounds throughout the Elite season.Cliff currently sits in 18th in the Angler of the Year standings.
Upcoming Elite Schedule
Be sure to catch our Anglers at these upcoming Elite tournaments:Bassmaster Elite at Delaware River: 8/7-8/10 Philadelphia, PAA.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite at Cayuga Lake: 8/21-8/24 Union Springs & Auburn, NYFor more information please visit:
Biobor Fan Fishing Contest:WEEKLY COMPETITION
Beginning at the Dick Cepek Tires Bassmaster Elite at Lake Seminole, March 14 – 16, and every other Elite Series event in 2014, fans sign up to win prizes valued at over $100 including: two 16oz bottles of Biobor® EB, a Biobor® t-shirt, Biobor® hat and a Biobor® koozie.HOW TO PARTICIPATE
Fans cast their votes at until noon on the first day of each event. Fans will need to re-enter the week of each new event during the entire Elite season.The winner for each event will be the fan who predicts the highest placed finisher between the two anglers and his weight for each Elite Series event. In the case of a tie, the first person to cast their vote will win.

Our Winners:


Bassmaster Elite Event Winning Angler Angler Total Weight Fan Guessed Weight Winning Fan
Lake Seminole Cliff Crochet 24.14 over No Winner
St. John’s River Keith Combs 70.3 52.5 Mike Entile
Table Rock Lake Keith Combs 39.1 39.1 Kyle Sacia
Toledo Bend Cliff Crochet 50.8 48.15 Michelle Sivley
Lake Dardanelle Keith Combs 68.3 63.1 Wayne Salamon
Bassmaster BASSfest Keith Combs 25.6 over No winner


We are pleased to release Biobor® Cold Flo with Lubribor and Biobor® DC to our loyal customers to join Biobor® JF and Biobor® MD in our diesel additive line.Biobor® DC Summer and Winter Spec Sheets

Fuel Stability – Contains an ashless thermal stability additive formulated to prevent the
degradation of mid-distillate fuels.
Lubricity – Adds vital fuel lubricity increasing the lubrication properties of ULSD.
Detergent – A multifunctional, ashless additive package to improve fuel quality and engine operation by cleaning injectors and particulates.
Controls Water and Corrosion – Prevents water-related issues and corrosion.
Fuel Stability – Contains an ashless thermal stability additive formulated to prevent the
degradation of mid-distillate fuels.
Lubricity – Adds vital fuel lubricity increasing the lubrication properties of ULSD.
Detergent – A multifunctional, ashless additive package to improve fuel quality and engine
operation by cleaning injectors and particulates.
Cold Flow Improvers – A unique blend of EVA copolymers to improve winter operability

Cold Flo Spec Sheet and Testing


Inhibits wax crystal growth
Reduces Pour Point of diesel fuel
Reduces Cold Filter Plug Point by up to 30°F
Jet fuel de-icer prevents ice blockages and fuel filter icing
Adds lubricity to protect injectors and fuel pumps
Minimizes the need for kerosene dilution
ULSD compliant – contains less than 15 ppm sulfur

Thank you again for your continued support of Biobor Fuel Additives, and please feel free to contact me directly for pricing and more information on the new additions to the Biobor® Family.

Proven Additives for Today’s “Green Fuels”The focus on biofuels and reduced emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency is a well-intended effort to reduce our dependency on foreign oil imports and improve the quality of the air we breathe. However, many of these regulations have a negative impact on the gasoline and diesel engines that power our boats and recreational vehicles. As we all know, the battle between the EPA and the marine industry has held a primary focus on the enrichment of gasoline with 10% ethanol. But many other regulations such as ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, tier rated diesel engines and biodiesel blends introduce additional issues to marine diesel engines. Biobor Fuel Additives manufactures two diesel additives for consumers proven to negate these issues and improve the performance and protection of their diesel vessels.Since 2012, 100% of the diesel fuel sold for marine use is ultra-low sulfur, or contains 15ppm sulfur content. What does this mean to diesel vessel owners? The process used to reduce these levels from the previous 500ppm sulfur content strips away much of the necessary lubrication properties essential for protecting injectors and fuel pumps. Although refineries may add the necessary lubricity additive to reach ASTM minimums, much of the fuel found at marine fueling locations may be far below the levels recommended by OEM diesel engine manufacturers. “The reduction of sulfur levels does help reduce harmful emissions, but boaters are realizing shortened injector life and increased wear on fuel pumps,” said Blake Rampy, Sales Manager of Hammonds Fuel Additives. “Both Biobor JF and Biobor MD provide sufficient lubricity to meet or exceed OEM lubricity specs and increase the life of vital injection components.”Increased thermal and oxidative breakdown properties of ULSD also lead to marine diesel engines seeing increased deposit formation and fuel filter plugging. Compounding this issue, many newer engines utilize high pressure common rail (HPCR) injection systems that operate under extreme pressures and temperatures. Deposit and particulate formation are widely recognized as a catalyst for reduced engine efficiency, performance and increased emissions. Biobor MD contains a detergent proven in both HPCR and mechanical engines to clean up, and keep injectors and valves clean resulting in maximum engine power restoration and reduced emissions. Additionally, stabilizers in Biobor MD prevent the breakdown of diesel fuels over storage periods while reducing injector coking and increasing the life of fuel filters.

Biodiesel blends as well as ULSD are also more susceptible to biological growth. This is a widely recognized issue in the warm, humid marine environment as moisture accumulation is a constant battle. “ULSD and biofuels have the tendency to accumulate much larger quantities of water, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi growth,” said Rampy. “Plugged fuel filters are typically recognized as the first sign of contamination, but the highly corrosive by-product of microbes may be unseen.” With consistent use of Biobor JF, an OEM approved and recognized biocide, diesel fuel may be safely treated year-round and microbial growth avoided altogether. “The key for boaters using today’s new diesel blends is a proactive, preventative approach rather than a reactive treatment. Unique to Biobor JF, numerous major diesel engine manufacturers name Biobor JF specifically in their operation manuals, providing boaters with the confidence they are using an OEM recommended biocide to prevent bug issues. In fact, Biobor JF has been used for over 50 years in commercial aviation jet fuel to prevent the same microbes that grow in diesel.” Rampy adds.

Biobor products are widely distributed in the marine market and continue be the one of the most widely used diesel additives for refineries, terminals, railroads and boater alike in EPA mandated fuels. Additional benefits include water control, corrosion inhibitors and cetane boosters.

While the newer, “green” fuels that we all must use in our gasoline and diesel powered vessels may ultimately be for the best, we must be aware of the issues that follow. Reduced emissions and a reduction in US dependency on foreign oil are positive strides for our future; however, a quality, proven additive such as Biobor MD and JF is necessary for boaters to protect their investments and fully enjoy their time on the water.

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