“Big Show” Scroggins Beating Heat with Pickle Juice

To say it’s hot and sweaty at the Bassmaster Elite at Potomac River presented by Econolodge is as much an understatement as saying the Redskins are past due for a deep run into the playoffs.


The heat index will be 106 degrees during this week’s big derby, but don’t worry – Toyota pro Terry “Big Show” Scroggins has pickle juice.


Fact is, whether on the smallmouth waters of The Ozarks in early spring, or the sweaty Potomac in August, the highly likeable Florida pro that loves to cook and eat is never without dill spears. But it’s the juice surrounding the spears that Scroggins values most.


“That’s my emergency muscle cramp kit,” explains Scroggins with a grin as he pulls the jar from his Triton’s cooler. “I told my doctor that I drank lots of water and Gatorade, but that I was still getting bad cramps in my hands and arms – and he told me about pickle juice.”


“People think it’s just for hot summer when you’re sweating a lot, but as a tournament fisherman you get cramps in your arms and hands just from overuse whether it’s 45 or 95 degrees outside,” explains the face of the “Big Show’s Big Eats” food blog.


“When I drink pickle juice those bad arm cramps are gone in 10 seconds!” exclaims Scroggins. Hju0“Doc told me to keep drinking sports drinks like Powerade Zero – but I say drink pickle juice – ‘cause I know for sure it works.”


“Plus, you have the pickles to eat for a snack,” concludes Scroggins. And that’s a double bonus for a guy who loves to eat, as much as he hates muscle cramps.