Behind the Scenes at the 2015 Classic with Brent Chapman

Part 1: Media Day
Following three days of practice and a few days with the BASS production crew the anglers get to meet the media. Media from all over the world attend the Classic, and media day is an excellent opportunity for them to meet with the anglers.

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Part 2: Launch
Nothing is quite like the excitement and anxiety of the launch ramp on day one of the Bassmaster Classic. This year the anglers had a few extra hours of excitement due to the cold conditions. 

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Part 3: Arena
The Super Bowl of bass fishing takes a mountain of production to create. In part three, we go behind the scenes at the arena. 

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Part 4: Weigh-In
Huge crowds and high anxiety are just a few of the elements of a Bassmaster Classic weigh-in. Come with me behind the scenes and see just how it all happens. 

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Congratulations to Costa pro Casey Ashley on his win. I have no doubt he’ll make a great champion for our sport. I also want to offer a final congratulations to our good friends Robin and Randy Howell. Over the past year Robin and Randy have represented our sport with incredible passion and enthusiasm.

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