Be A Better Fisherman, Now! By Casey Scanlon

I’ve narrowed down three things any fisherman can do to catch more fish. They are try a new technique, start a fishing log, and fish deeper. These three tips will help a tournament angler who is practicing for the next tournament or help weekend warriors catch more fish.    

Since I make a living as a professional fisherman, I get to spend a lot of time on the water. I can spend days and often weeks finding better ways to catch fish.  I spend endless hours testing new baits or new equipment that will help me find the right size fish to win a tournament.

But what if you don’t have that kind of time to become a better fisherman. Here is the answer; you just need to do a few simple things every time you hit the water. Do these three things just for a little bit while on the water and you will become a better fisherman faster.

Try a New Technique

Sometimes we get into a rut of doing the same thing over and over again, especially on a lake that we have fished many times. We know what colors work best and what banks to throw our favorite baits on. So we get into the habit of repeating it every time we are on the lake.

Even though you have it dialed in on your home lake, it is a good idea to experiment with new techniques and different baits. If you spend an hour or two on the water practicing a new technique you might be surprised what you catch. You might find a new technique that nobody else is doing. Or a different technique that gives the fish something new to see and you catch bigger fish.

Start a Fishing Log

Another good thing to do that will make you a better fisherman is to start a fishing log or journal. After you get home from a day of fishing write down some notes about your day. Take note of water temperature, air temperature, water clarity, what part of the lake you caught them and what lure you caught them on.

Then the next time you go out on the lake you can review your journal. If you do this for a couple years you will start to see patterns year after year that will help you locate fish faster. It will also help you keep track what new techniques produced and which ones did not.

Fish Deeper

This kind of goes hand in hand with the first thing I said would make you a better fisherman, try a new technique. Fishing deeper can be intimidating if you don’t practice it. We get stuck beating the bank because we can actually see what we are casting to and we know most times of year there will be some fish on the bank.

On each trip do a couple hours practicing fishing deeper and you will start to get good at it. You can actually make fishing deeper a gradual progression. If you usually fish the bank try moving out to five or seven feet. Then work your way to eight to twelve feet. Eventually getting to 15 and 20 feet.

If you pass over a brush pile in the 10 to 12 foot range stop and fish it. Throw a Luck-E-Strike Original Ringer. It comes in five and half, seven and half or my favorite nine and a half inches. Don’t be afraid to throw a deep diving crank bait in their like the Luck-E-Strike Deep Smoothy. They don’t hang up as much as you might think. You don’t want to dig it into the brush pile just bring it over the top.

Try a new technique, start a fishing log, and fish deeper are my three suggestions for things you can do on the water right away that will make you a better angler. You can actually do all three the next time you fish. So what are you waiting for? Go fishing!

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