Ask a Pro

New Feature here on Bass 365, “Ask a Pro”! You submit your question on our Instagram, and we will get the answer.

Q: On the Bass365 series, “Ask a Pro”, Jordan Lee answers a questions from a young angler who asks how to know if he has what it takes to become a professional angler!

2 time Bassmaster Classic Champion Jordan Lee offers up his advice on this one.

Q: A question from Instagram from a young angler who wanted to know the best tips on how to become a professional fisherman.

A: Jacob Powroznik, who most recently won the MLF Stage 2 at Lake Eufaula, answers this one!

Q: @small_twn_dreamz wanted to know what is the best hands down way to pattern fish without electronics.

A: Zack Birge tackled this question for us.

Q: @brennanbrock asked If you could only fish one (rod,reel,line) setup for the rest of your life what would it be and explain why?

A: Duckett pro Britt Myers shared his thought on the best all around combo

Q: 504kayakfishing Whats the best pound line for crank and jerk baits fishing shallows for largemouths on tatula baitcast reel????

A:Cody Meyer jumped all over this question

Q:  @rowland_62 asks, does how much money I put In my combo Increase my chances to catch bass?

A: We got the answer from the Cajun Baby himself, Cliff Crochet shares his thoughts.

Q: Another question from our Instagram page Bass_365, billingsley11 asked what is your go to when you need a kicker.

A: We caught Stephen Browning at the ramp before practice to day at Lake Fork and got the answer.

Q: Is Major League Fishing the best thing to ever happen to the fishing industry from Zach

A: Anthony Gagliardi was quick to jump on this one.

Q: How do I know if I have what it takes to become a professional fisherman? Were you always winning when you were in high school?

A: One of the younger, yet extremely talented, pros in the MLF answers this one. Jordan Lee shares what he knows about going pro!