Ashley and Lane Pack One-Two Bonus Bucks Classic Punch

Casey Ashley and Bobby Lane’s first and second place finish at the Bassmaster Classic, along with their longtime participation in Toyota Bonus Bucks has respectively netted them $7,500 and $2,500 in cash bonuses.

Casey and Bobby BBucksCasey Ashley has bought four Toyota Tundras in his relatively short and highly decorated pro career. “Yep, this is my fourth Tundra that I’m driving right now, and to me, the pulling power is the best feature of a Tundra,” said Ashley. “All you gotta do is change the oil and rotate the tires, and it’ll carry you as far as you want to go,” added the new Classic champ.

“This is the second Toyota Tundra I’ve owned,” said Bobby Lane. “It’s not only the toughest looking truck out there, but it’s also by far the best towing truck I’ve ever been in,”said Lane.

By registering for Bonus Bucks, if you’re lucky enough to catch a few fish, you can make plenty of truck payments with your Bonus Bucks cash too. And you don’t even have to win your tournament to get the money, you just have to be the highest finishing Bonus Bucks angler.

Bobby’s right, and you don’t even have be to one of the world’s top pros to win bonuses from Toyota; you simply have to be the highest eligible finisher in your qualified Bonus Bucks event. To learn the specific details of the program, please check out, or simply call Kristie at (918) 742-6424, and she’ll be happy to make sure you get signed up.








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