Arey, Lester, and Mosley Talk Turkeys and Hartwell

North Carolina’s Matt Arey, Tennessee’s Brandon Lester, and Mississippi’s Brock Mosley all agree on two things, a Toyota Tundra is their choice of tow vehicle, and no season beats turkey season.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Lake Hartwell?

Arey: It’s only 1 hour and 40 minutes from home, so my wife Emily and daughters Reese and Wren get to be here with me this week.
Lester: It’s a huge reservoir, so everybody can spread out.
Mosley: I love that it’s full of fish.

Q: How much weight do you think the guy in first place will have on Day 1?

Arey: 18 pounds 12 ounces
Lester: 20 pounds
Mosley: 21 pounds

Q: What percentage of the bass weighed in this week will be caught from visible spawning beds?

Arey: 50%
Lester: 60%
Mosley: 30% – and I feel like most of those will get caught on Day 1

Q: If you could only have one lure for the rest of your life to catch a bass from a spawning bed, what lure would you choose?

Arey: Lunker Hunt 5” Lunker Stick in a color called “leech”
Lester: X Zone Lures 6” Fat Finesse wacky worm with a nail weight in the head of it.
Mosley: NetBait Paca Slim Craw. A lot of guys use white, but I prefer green pumpkin.

Q: It’s the start of baseball season, NFL draft season, the Masters Tournament, and March Madness. Which interest you most, and why?

Arey: Can I say turkey season, or spawning largemouth season?
Lester: None of the above – it’s turkey season.
Mosley: I played college baseball at Delta State, but I prefer turkey season over all those others.