Anglers Rise to Challenge at West Point Lake on ProPatterns Exposed

As top Elite anglers prepare for the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic this week, ProPatterns, Inc. releases three new Exposed episodes featuring two Classic contenders, while also offering ProPatterns fans a challenge.

Exposed anglers, including Hank Cherry, Casey Ashley, Brandon Palaniuk, GMAN Gerald Swindle, Aaron Martens, Jason Christie, Shaw Grigsby, Mike McClelland, and 48 other anglers face off at the Classic, which takes place in Alabama on Lake Guntersville on Feb. 21-23.  Cherry and Ashley also appear this week for the first time on Exposed, along with Elite anger J. Todd Tucker. The three reveal strategies and tips for working through the difficult practice days that led up to the Elite Series West Point Lake Battle in May of 2013.

Hank Cherry, 2013 Rookie of the Year and Bass All-Star Champion, points out on the first day of practice that “bass and thunderstorms don’t get along” but reminds the fans, “It’s not what you catch when you’re practicing. It’s what you see and what you find.” Despite him cautioning fans that the day would be a challenge, Cherry explores shad spawns, deep docks, and bridges, getting about 35 bites, including back-to-back four-and-a-half pounders. Cherry’s success during the first day of practice would follow him to the tournament, where he would land a 4th-place finish with a total weight of 41.2 pounds.

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