Andy Stallings: Keep ‘em Fishing

Professional bass fishing is very much an individual sport. There are no coaches, no timeouts, no assists, and no back-up players. The only “teammates” professional anglers have are comprised of their loved ones, and the Service Crew. The service crew techs aren’t talked about too often, but they are an integral part of every major bass fishing circuit.

Think NASCAR pit crew, but they work out of the back of pickup trucks in boat ramp parking lots all across the country. The service crew is made up of a handful of marine mechanics and specialized boat techs that fix any and all issues anglers have throughout the course of a tournament. Their work is predominantly done behind the scenes, but they are the ones your favorite fisherman counts on to keep them on the water.

Meet Andy Stallings. Andy Stallings is a tournament support specialist for Phoenix Boats and travels to both Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour events to offer his expertise. Stallings has worked for Phoenix Boats for four years now, but 2019 marks his 19th year working as a service technician for fishing tournaments.

Stallings stays extremely busy replacing fuses, broken hoses and pumps, or fixing malfunctioning equipment on angler’s boats and trailers. But you won’t hear that from him. Like many members of the service crew, Stallings is as humble as can be.
“On the good days I don’t do much of anything,” Stallings joked. “I just try to keep everyone fishin’. Usually that means lots of quick fixes for anglers after a day of practice or when the weigh-in concludes. The days can be long but I enjoy every one of them.”

Stallings will be the first to tell you organization is important in his line of work, and like many anglers Stallings owns a 100R LEER Truck Cap and a few LEER accessories to increase his efficiency when traveling from tournament to tournament.

“I purchased a LEER cap strictly because of the extra organization it offers me,” Stallings said. “The first time I saw the LEER Locker I knew I needed one. I keep mine loaded with all kinds of small parts, tools, chargers, and extra equipment so I can get to it quickly. I’ve now added a Bed Slide and a Truck Vault storage system in the bed of my truck, too.”

Keeping all his replacement parts, tools, and other equipment organized helps Stallings save precious minutes when working on an angler’s boat or trailer. Those minutes are paramount to competing anglers, and Stallings makes every effort to ensure he keeps them fishin’.

It doesn’t matter if you are hauling tools to the jobsite or outdoor gear for a weekend getaway with your family; a LEER truck cap or tonneau cover will keep your gear safe, secure, and organized.

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