Amphibia Launches Kickstarter

Amphibia Eyegear launched its Kickstarter Campaign giving individuals an opportunity to be the first in line for its new frame at a significantly discounted price. The new frame was a major collaborative design by all the partners of Amphibia Jeff Kriet, Fred Roumbanis, Tim Horton, Jared Lintner and Mike McClelland. This frame was designed for complete coverage and will not let any light in while being large enough to eliminate any visual distortion by the frame. Amphibia has already taken the fishing world by storm creating innovative features not found in any other fishing sunglasses. “We fish almost every day of our lives and we know what is needed in a pair of sunglasses. We all got together and created the perfect pair. They are a little bit wider than some of the others so it fits a larger head well also.” Jeff Kriet

You can visit the campaign at: