Amphibia Eye Gear Partners with Florida Big Bass Trail

Amphibia Eyegear, maker of the World’s first-and-only ANSI-rated floating eyewear, has partnered with the Florida Big Bass Trail to create the Amphibia Big Bass Trail. The trail will host 5 events in 2015 starting at famed Lake Okeechobee on February 28th.

“Amphibia is very excited to be the title sponsor. Our roots are in fishing and the technology within our product is fishing specific. This partnership will help us both expand our brands while giving the anglers great prizes and contingencies in addition to a great pay out.” Jeff Gibson, President Amphiba Eyegear.

“2015 is going to be a great year for our trail and the addition of Amphibia will only make it better. We have aggressive plans to expand our trail and having the participation of such a revolutionary product and powerful brand will be key to our expansion. Anglers use and easily recognize the Amphibia brand so partnering was a natural progression.” Daniel Vasquez, President Florida Big Bass Trail.