Alton Jones, Jr. Partners with Geecrack

Japanese tackle manufacturer Geecrack has announced a partnership with Alton Jones, Jr. to continue promoting their broadening portfolio of baits in the US market. Geecrack, creators of quality, unique, fish-catching baits, recently expanded to the US market in August of 2019 when they launched the Bellows Gill – a wildly popular bluegill imitator that has generated massive demand across the globe.

Alton has fallen in love with the Geecrack soft plastics line-up, in fact, the Geecrack Bellows Gill was an integral bait in his MLF 2nd place finish during the spawn on Lake Fork in 2020. Alton says: “I am excited to work with Geecrack. I realized the advantages of their unique designs and the SAF Material during the 2020 season. That Salt, Amino Acids, and Flavor combination is something special. I look forward to helping them create even more new, innovative baits while also expanding their presence in the USA.”

The proprietary SAF material is comprised of the perfect blend of Salt, Amino Acids, and Flavor. SAF not only attracts more fish, but once they bite, the natural texture and shrimp flavor keeps them holding on longer.
(Photo: Courtesy of MLF)

At only 28 years of age, Alton is ranked in the Top 30 of the bass fishing world ranking. The Texas-based pro will once again be competing on the MLF Bass Pro Tour in 2021. This new partnership represents an opportunity for Alton to lend his expertise in helping to grow a brand and provide input to new bait designs,
Geecrack marketing director, Fuyo Kitajima, says “We could not be more excited to join forces with Alton – we are a young, but quickly growing company. Together with Alton, we can learn and grow together to continue building our own legacies. “

Geecrack was established in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Kunimitsu Aoki and is headquartered in Gifu City, Japan. With a passion for keeping fishing fun and engaging for anglers, Geecrack has expanded beyond Japan by establishing distribution in countries like South Korea, Italy, Australia, and the United States.
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