Aaron’s Edge – Spinning Reviewed

Enigma Rods burst on to the scene as the new rod choice of Aaron Martens at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. Martens is known for his unreal ability to produce quality bags of fish using finesse techniques, and with Enigma producing rods to Aaron’s exact specifications, the fishing world anxiously awaited Enigma’s offering of finesse rods.

Basseast.com was given an advanced look at their Aaron’s Edge 6’7” Light Drop Shot Spinning rod, and we put that rod to the test on Lake Anna in Mineral, VA. We tested the rod using a Daiwa Ballistic spinning reel spooled with 20 lb. Power Pro braid and 7 lb. Sunline Shooter FC leader.


An outer inspection of the Aaron’s Edge spinning rods shows the level of research and innovation that went into the design. Equipped with the Microwave series of guides from American Tackle Company, the 6’7” rod is the ideal length to extend just beyond the bow transducer and allow the angler to “video game” schools of fish with their preferred drop shot bait option. If you haven’t seen the Microwave guide system in action, which results in greater casting distance and fewer backlashes and “wind knots”, head over to www.americantackle.us/microwave_guides.html view them in action.

With an ergonomic handle and a short butt section, the rod is designed to be help along the underside of the forearm and manipulated with the forefinger – just as Martens does.

The hook keeper is situated near the butt end of the rod beneath the reel, keeping your baits and drop shot weights away from your reel and off your blank, protecting your investment and allowing for quick deployment from the front deck.


First thing you notice about the Enigma Aaron’s Edge drop shot rod is how easy it is to manipulate the bait with just a tap of the finger. Fishing at a depth of 20 feet, we were able to easily detect the motion of our drop shot offering as it was transferred along the rod. The rod is light, and when equipped with the Daiwa Ballistic 2500H reel, extremely well balanced.

The most impressive aspect of this rod offering from Enigma was the bend and taper of the Aaron’s Edge rod, which was ideal for fighting fish using the drag system.   Time and time again, we hooked fish that immediately pulled hard, and we were able to compensate for their reactions easily by adjusting the drag and allowing the rod bend to work the fish (Enigma Rods President and Bassmaster Opens Pro Jesse Tacoronte informed us that Aaron designed the rod to back reel, but its good to know that for those of us who aren’t A-Mart, the rod handles drag fighting perfectly!). Every headshake was detectable through the rod blank, and the Microwave guide system was as good as advertised, getting our bait down to the desired depth quickly and smoothly.


The Enigma Aaron’s Edge Series Drop shot rod was as good as advertised, with several design features (length, handle design, but section length, rod taper, and Microwave guides) that make this an ideal offering for drop shot and finesse presentations. As ICAST approaches, we at BassEast.com are looking forward to seeing the other offerings from Enigma and the Aaron Martens signature line.


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Jesse Tacorante of Enigma rods walks us through the features of the Aaron Martens signature drop shot Rod from the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Expo

Find out more about Enigma Rods here.

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