Aaron Martens joins Enigma

ORLANDO, Fla. — Aaron Martens, known to millions as “The Natural,” has signed with Enigma Fishing and designed a line of bass fishing rods — “Aaron’s Edge” — that are now available to anglers and retailers everywhere.

The two-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year, three-time WON Bass U.S. Open champion and FLW Tour winner is excited about the partnership and the new rods.


“The opportunity to design my own rods from scratch means a lot to me,” Martens said, “and I’m doing that with the Aaron’s Edge series. Several models are ready and more are in the works. I think they’re the best rods on the market at any price, but they’re also affordable.”

Starting a tackle company in tough economic times and with plenty of fierce competition in the rod category, Enigma sales manager Jesse Tacoronte knows the right people are mission critical. Martens was the only angler he considered for the challenge.

“In launching Enigma, our commitment is to making the best fishing products possible,” Tacoronte said. “When we thought about who we wanted to work with, we realized Aaron was the only person for the job. No one else has his attention to detail and no one else demands as much from his equipment. Enigma may be new, but we’re starting with the best bass angler and the best bass rods you can find anywhere at any price.

“With the Bassmaster Classic just around the corner, we worked around the clock to get these rods designed and built. We believe the Aaron’s Edge rods are going to be the edge he needs to win the Super Bowl of bass fishing.”

There are a dozen casting models in the Aaron’s Edge lineup and three spinning models; every rod in the lineup retails for $169.99 each. More models will be introduced as Martens designs and perfects them.

For more information on the Aaron’s Edge rods from Enigma Fishing, visit enigmafishing.com. And root for Aaron at the Bassmaster Classic. We think he’s going to win!

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