A New Level of Bass Attraction

ORLANDO, Fla. – Even though it’s fabricated from plastic, metal, glue and a multitude of other composite materials, the basic function of an effective bass bait is to imitate something existing in nature that causes a bass to want to bite it. It appeals to either a fish’s instinct to eat, or its instinct to attack and defend.
Not satisfied to rely on BBs, beads and blades – longtime “noisemakers” utilized in bass baits – Livingston Lures revolutionized the world of hard baits in (YEAR) with the introduction of Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) ™ technology, which produced the sound of an actual baitfish in distress thanks to an advanced circuit board and smart chip built into each bait. The “smart bait” was born.
The revolution continues in 2014-15 with the introduction of the Team Livingston line of baits, and the ability to “program” your bait with even more natural fish-attracting sounds, thanks to the new ELECTRONIC BAITFISH SOUNDS (EBS) MULTITOUCH™ system.
“The original EBS gave us the ability to attract fish by producing the sound of an actual distressed baitfish’s gill plates flaring, which was mind-blowing to most anglers – our new EBS MULTITOUCH™, though, puts an even more powerful tool in an angler’s hands because it produces not one but three different sounds that fish hear in nature,” says Livingston’s lead bait designer Robert Castaneda, the inventor of EBS. “This allows you to match or adapt to the conditions of your very specific fishery beyond just the look and action of your bait. It dramatically enhances your ability to attract fish.”
EBS MULTITOUCH™ operates the same as original EBS (contact with the water closes a circuit between the line tie, hook eyelet and sound-producing circuit board), but it also allows the angler to change the sound emitted underwater from EBS™ Original (gill plate compressions) to EBS™ Craw (snapping shellfish) to EBS™ Shad (panicked/fleeing shad) to a fourth “silent” or “stealth” setting with no baitfish sounds. To change sounds, the angler simply immerses the bait in water for 5 seconds to activate MultiTouch™ and then touches two contact points (the line-tie and front-hook eyelets). Once the angler has the desired baitfish sound, he/she simply releases the contact points.
“The sound menu on the Team Livingston EBS MultiTouch™ baits is really simple to operate,” says 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year Brent Chapman. “A few quick seconds, and you have a bait that’s customized to the conditions. It’s just a great tool for anglers everywhere.”
NEW FOR 2015 – THE TEAM LIVINGSTON LINE: Livingston’s new EBS MultiTouch™ technology will be available in the Team Livingston series of baits introduced last week at ICAST. Consisting of the Howeller DMC, Howeller DMC SQ, Howeller DMC Plus, Jerkmaster 121, Walk N Pop 77, PrimeTyme CB 1.5, PrimeTyme CB 2.0, PrimeTyme SQ 2.0, School Master, Deep Impact 18, Walking Boss, and Walking Boss Part II, Howeller Deep and Howeller Deep Plus. Team Livingston baits are all designed with premium components (stainless steel split rings, advanced rattles, etc.) and all come with Daiichi 4x Strong hooks.
FOR MORE INFO: Log on to www.livingstonlures.com, follow Team Livingston on Facebook (www.faceboook.com/LivingstonLures)

Livingston EBS MultiTouch Technology Graphic