A Freaky Hybrid

The topwater bite is coming on strong as water temperatures climb. We here at Bass East are frog freaks and have tried them all, so when something new comes along it’s not hard to grab our attention. At first look the new Molix Supernato Beetle may have you wondering. It’s part frog, part beetle so how does it work?


The Molix Supernato Beetle is equipped with two forward facing pinchers that displace a large amount of water and create a bubble trail that bass just can’t resist. The action on a steady slow retrieve will remind you of an old school jitterbug. The cupped mouth produces a pronounced spitting action when popped. It’s super soft body with razor sharp hooks, allow for solid hook ups even in the heaviest cover. All in all, the Molix Supernato Beetle is one of the most unique topwater baits to come along in sometime.


Overall thoughts on the Molix Supernato Beetle:

The beetle casts well on heavy braid. It resists taking on water like many other soft bodied topwater baits are prone to do while still sporting one of the softest collapsible bodies we have ever seen. The ability to make it pop and spit around cover, combined with the unbelievable action on a steady retrieve, make this lure a versatile fish catcher you’re not going to want overlook.

The Supernado Beetle is Mike Iaconelli’s signature lure. Icaconelli spent countless hours working with the Molix team on design and development to get the bait perfect. Once you see it in action we are sure you will agree.

See the full Molix line up here.



See the Beetle in action.

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