A Christmas Story Hero Style – Homeless to Warrior to Humanitarian

Being homeless changed the way I looked at life. Now I focus on keeping my family safe, and helping others who are struggling.”

The Path of a Hero

Meet Army Bass Angler Joshua Evans, a young man who was trying to care for his family and found themselves homeless with almost nowhere to turn. Caring and providing for his family was a priority to Joshua, so he made the courageous decision to enlist in the Army. He is an example of an inspiring individual who experienced these hardships first as a civilian, but his decision to become a warrior changed the course of his life.

Selfless Sacrifices
Think of our heroes overseas who spend their Christmas in a chow hall or out on the battlefield. Instead of enjoying a home cooked meal with their family they must endure yet another meal that tastes like well, not like home.Many times we take the simple things for granted in life…such as heartfelt letters, the smell of your wife’s shampoo or the signature bows that your daughters wear in their hair. After all they have sacrificed and endured, Heroes on the Water strives to help brave warriors like Joshua receive the therapeutic care they wholeheartedly deserve.

Paying It Forward
In addition to the holiday struggles and the distance from his family, Joshua lost his mother during one of his deployments. From this heartbreaking event in his life, he channeled his pain and grief and decided to do more for others. Operation: Santa’s Soldiers (OSS) was born! Joshua began helping people who were in the same position he was in at one point in his life. By calling on the support of his fellow heroes, OSS found various ways to provide the homeless with much-needed jackets and boots to survive during the frigid holiday season. This is a prime example of how compassionate and selfless our warriors can be, on and off the battlefield.Every brave hero deserves to have his happy place. Let our warriors know they are not forgotten. Remind them that they are thought of just as much as they, as Soldiers, think about everyone else. However you choose to spend your Christmas holiday, don’t forget the brave warriors who are missing out on this wonderful time of the year with their families.Heroes on the Water wishes you and your loved ones an extraordinary Christmas holiday!