9 Pounder for Drew

Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis makes big impact with a Guntersville Giant for his first fish of the day.

Yesterday during Media Day, Roumbanis and a number of other Elite Series Pros gave a shout out to a very special 6 year old named Drew Clarke.  Drew is battling cancer and really loves fishing and is excited for the Classic.  In the video, Fred said that he was going to catch his first fish for Drew and he made it a good one.


 WOW, This is amazing! Drew was smiling so big and so was I. We had posted who Drew thought would do good in the classic today but after watching this video, Drew wanted me to delete that post because he didn’t want to leave any of these guys out!! Such a big heart. We can’t thank the guys in the video enough, this is truly unreal. Drew’s pick for the classic winner is still KVD.