5,4,3,2,1 at Dardanelle

From barbequed rice to burgers made of fresh ground chuck — this portion of the Arkansas River features good eats and a healthy fishery too.

Five jig colors we found in one pro’s boat. Can you guess what pro it was? Black and blue still seems to be the most popular jig color among the Elite Series field – and here at Dardanelle is no exception.

5 Swin jigs


Four things food lover Terry “Big Show”Scroggins had on his plate at the B.A.S.S. angler meeting and dinner hosted by Scott Rook’s sponsor, Riceland: 1) BBQ Rice; 2) Fried Arkansas Catfish; 3) baked beans; 4) cole slaw.

4 Scrog Rice



Three pieces of Carhartt clothing we found Florida pro Cliff Prince wearing in his hotel parking lot. 1) black cargo pants; 2) a lined hoodie; 3) a very, very, sun-bleached hat. “I’m not sponsored by Carhartt, and I wasn’t trying to be a fashion model,” laughed Prince. “I just love their clothing, and this particular hat has become my good luck hat in practice – I wear it just about every day of practice.”

3 Prince


Two tournament angler cash bonus programs that Steven Browning believes whole heartedly in. 1) BoatUS Angler’s “Weigh-to-Win”; 2) Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks. “I’ve won enough money from these programs to nearly buy a new Tundra,” said Browning.

2 Brownie


One place you should plan to eat when in Russellville, Arkansas at Lake Dardanelle: CJ’s Butcher Boy Burgers. Located at Exit 81 on I-40, 2803 N. Arkansas Ave. You know it’s good when you get to see all the fresh ground chuck in a meat counter display before they toss it on the grill. Very clean inside. Decorated with a 1950s theme and music playing overhead. Fresh cut fries too.

1 CJ