103 Stolen Fishing Rods, 56 Tackle Boxes Recovered

Two individuals have been arrested and charged with multiple felonies after officers discovered tens of thousands of dollars in stolen fishing gear in their possession.

28-year-old Matthias David Munson and 26-year-old Natasha Marie Rickard are accused of stealing 103 fishing rods and reels, 56 tackle boxes and five fish finders around the Mille Lacs Lake area in Minnesota.

The arrests come after numerous reports of stolen fishing gear from Father Hennepin State Park and McQuoid’s Inn.

An Isle police officer pulled over a pickup truck that matched a witness description and, upon noticing a large number of fishing rods and tackle boxes in the bed of the pickup, questioned the driver. Matthias David Munson was unable to describe the brands of the rods in his possession.

The passenger, Natasha Marie Rickard, reportedly told police that Munson had even more fishing gear in his camper at Snake River Campground. That’s where officers found the mother lode—103 fishing rods and reels, 56 tackle boxes and five fish finders.

According to Kirsten Faurie of the Kanabec County Times, both individuals were charged by Kanabec County with two felony counts of receiving stolen property. Mille Lacs County also charged each of the individuals with one felony count of theft and one felony county of receiving stolen property.