SUZUKI Adds 3 to PRO FISHING TEAM for 2018

(January 16, 2018 – Brea, CA) Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. is proud to announce their roster of pro fishermen for the 2018 Bassmaster® Elite Tournament Series. “Suzuki is back in 2018, bigger and better than ever,” said Gus Blakely, vice president of sales for Suzuki Marine. “We’re eager to see our guys compete on the Elite circuit – all powered by Suzuki’s 250SS 4-stroke outboard.”

Suzuki stalwarts Brandon Card, Chad Pipkens and Clifford Pirch, will welcome Elite veterans Dean Rojas, Gerald Spohrer and Adrian Avena to the team in 2018. Here’s a brief introduction to each angler:

Adrian Avena

Adrian Avena moved up to the Bassmaster® Elite Series after starting out on the FLW Tour and boasts career winnings approaching half a million dollars. Adrian grew up in New Jersey and counts the Chesapeake Bay as his home lake. Needless to say, he’s comfortable on big water.

“I’ve been running a Bass Cat for the past few years and have heard nothing but good things about Suzuki,” said Avena. “I’m stoked to get out on the water and show everybody just how good these Suzuki’s can run.” Avena is 2- for-2 qualifying for the Bassmaster® Elite AOY Championship and we’re looking forward to seeing him on the podium this year.

Brandon Card

Brandon joined the Elite Series right out of the University of Kentucky as the first Bassmaster College Series angler to qualify for the Elite Series. He’s fished the Classic twice so far has been in the money over 35 times. Card is also an inspiration to the upcoming crop of high school and college tournament anglers, holding his own Bass Open every year. This year’s event on Lake Norris in TN, gave out over $15,000 in cash and prizes to eager young anglers.

More importantly, it provided an opportunity for young anglers to showcase their talents and get valuable tournament experience. “When I was starting out, Suzuki gave me a shot,” said Card. “They’ve been behind me ever since and I couldn’t be prouder to see the team grow.” Card will campaign his Bass Cat again in 2018.

Chad Pipkens

Chad Pipkens is another Young Gun that runs a Suzuki on his Bass Cat. Pipkens brings a solid Midwestern work ethic and strong positive outlook to every Elite tournament. He knows the joy of victory, winning on Lake St. Clair near his home in Michigan, and has been in the Top 20 15 times, Career earnings total more than $300,000.

“We had a blast last year with Suzuki,” said Pipkens. “Never let me down, not once.” With another year of experience under his belt, expect to see Chad fishing on more Saturdays and Sundays this year.

Clifford Pirch

Clifford hails from Payson, AZ and cut his teeth on Western bass fishing. In fact, Pirch is a three-time Western Outdoor News Bass Open champion, and has been in the money over 45 times on Bassmaster® Elite Series tournament trail. Pirch has again qualified to fish in the Classic in 2018, his fifth appearance in the granddaddy of all pro angling tourneys.

“Last year was my first year with Suzuki and I have to say, I was impressed,” said Pirch. “And that’s not an easy thing to do,” he added. We can’t wait to see what Cliff will accomplish this season.

Dean Rojas

Suzuki welcomes veteran Arizona bass angler Dean Rojas to the team. Dean is a four-time winner on the Bassmaster® Elite Series tour and has 47 career Top 10 finishes. In addition, Rojas still holds the all-time B.A.S.S.® one day record catch of 45.2 pounds. With winnings totaling over $2 million dollars as a professional angler, Rojas brings a wealth of experience to the Suzuki team.

“I’m super-pumped to have a Suzuki on the transom of my new Blazer bass boat this year,” said Rojas. “I’ve watched Suzuki come alive over the past couple seasons and couldn’t be prouder to be on the team.” Look for Dean to be in the spotlight in 2018, as he campaigns for the first time with Suzuki Power.

Gerald Spohrer

Next up is Gerald Spohrer, a US Navy vet from Gonzales, LA. After starting out on the FLW Tour, Gerald moved to the Elite series last year. He was the Bassmaster® Central Open Angler of the Year in 2016 and broke into the Top 10 at last year’s Elite tournament on Lake St. Clair.

2018 holds a lot of promise for Spohrer. “Having a new Suzuki on my Bass Cat will be a first for me,” said Spohrer, “but not a first for Bass Cat. I can’t wait to get out on the water again and give ‘er a go.”

Suzuki offers four outboards in its 4-Stroke “SS” Series, giving pro and recreational tournament anglers access to the right power for their rig. “From 115 to 250 horsepower, Suzuki’s big displacement blocks, offset driveshaft and advanced fuel injection deliver impressive holeshot and top-end speed, great fuel economy and most importantly, rock solid reliability,” added Blakely. “Every fisherman out there has a choice when it comes to power. With more top pro anglers now running Suzuki’s, the word is spreading that we’ve got something special going on.”

Clifford Pirch will be fishing in this year’s GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods, so don’t miss the weigh-ins to see how he’s doing. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet all of Suzuki’s pro anglers at this year’s 2018 Bassmaster® Classic Outdoors Expo presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC. Be sure to stop by the Suzuki display to meet these anglers and take a closer look at the Suzuki SS Series outboards.

Suzuki offers a complete range of 4-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 350 horsepower. For more information, detailed specifications and on-the-water boat tests, please visit

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Rayjus Severs Ties with Former Co-Owner

Morris, IL – January 12, 20 18 – Rayjus Inc. has severed ties with former co – owner Ray Odom. A verbal agreement has been made in principle and both parties are working towards a formal agreement with their respective attorneys. “Our company was founded on principles of diversity and inclusion and this will continue to be a top priority for us,” said Company President Justin Romines . We hold our personnel to the highest moral and ethical standards . Rayjus has always represented the American way, liberty and justice for all, and we are committed to our community and our customers to stay true to this core value.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn, evaluate and improve from our experience . Our commitment at Rayjus is to provide our employees with the best working environment as possible while delivering exceptional customer service and product.

Adding Orange to Crawfish Lures Gets More Bites

Crayfish, mudbugs, yabbies, crawdads – call ‘em what you want – there are more than 300 different species of them in North America, and their bodies range in color from red to olive green, and even blue.

But it’s the tiny bit of bright orange on the very tips of their large ‘pinchers’ (chelipeds) that have become a minor obsession for anglers like 2014 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney, and other avid anglers like myself.

The orange highlights on many of their pinchers make these freshwater lobster species look like they’re fresh from a $30 manicure at the local nail salon.

Trying to replicate this naturally fashionable color scheme includes the use of paints and dyes on soft plastics, as well as custom painting crankbaits – because we’re absolutely convinced that adding a tiny touch of bright orange generates more bites.

There’s some science behind our thinking

“For whatever reason, orange seems to be the color Mother Nature chose to dot the tips of the pinchers, which likely serves as an advantage as they seek one another for reproduction, and also a warning color for predator fish to ‘stay away’ – but somewhat unfortunate for the crawfish, the contrasting orange also helps bass to find them even in off colored water,” explains Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. Director of Conservation, who is also a passionate bass angler.

Picasso, Rembrandt, and Hackney

“I’ve always dyed the tips of soft plastics with orange or chartreuse, but only in recent years have I started using the paint,” says Hackney. “Paint is great because it takes a lot less to get a ton of bright color on the lure,” he explains.

More orange for Smallies, less orange for Largies

“I do believe that smallmouth are truly sight oriented fish that are attracted to bright colors – they’re just such an inquisitive species, but for largemouth, I use a little less paint, because they don’t seem to like it quite as bright,” says Hackney, who is using a very affordable $99 Quantum Prism spinning rod for most of his smallmouth fishing.

He opts for the 7’ 4” model when dragging plastic tubes, the 7’ 0” for wacky rigging, and the 6’ 6” Prism rod for drop shotting.

Widely produced, as well as customs worth leaning on

Hackney is by no means alone. It seems his penchant for applying Spike-It paints and dyes is shared by every bass angler who has ever stepped on a trolling motor pedal.

Nearly everybody carries either a bottle of the Southeast Georgia based company’s Dip-N-Glo, scented marking pens, or paint, to provide a simple and very effective dab of chartreuse, orange, red, or blue.

But there’s also a handful of both mass-produced lures, and custom models perfectly ‘painted’ or colored right out of the package to satisfy my orange pincher obsession.

In fact, my earliest recognition of orange’s importance was on the original, now vintage, model #V86 phantom green craw Wiggle Wart, featuring a rather transparent olive green body, and yes, a hint of orange on the diving bill.

These days I lean on Oklahoma angler and custom lure painter Beau Kemp, whose work can be seen @WaylonsBoot on Instagram, to add plenty of orange to my Wiggle Warts and widely produced Rapala DT series of crankbaits. Although, we’ve discovered the Rapala color called “Rusty” offers a bite-generating scheme with plenty of orange right out of the package.

Hand poured soft plastic craws to satisfy the orange craw obsession

Now, when it comes to soft plastics, I’ve yet to discover an orange-tipped, more natural looking creation, than those made by Paul Krew. Based near Buggs Island Reservoir on the Virginia-North Carolina border, Krew has been making hand-poured plastics for 30 years, and his efforts are truly works of art.

I personally prefer his compact little hand-poured soft plastic Weasel Craw, but it’s Krew’s color schemes that really set him apart. For example, I had always wanted a soft plastic craw with an army green body, some blue – and of course, plenty of orange on the pinchers – and he is the only person I’ve ever found to make them.

And while I can’t honestly say I’ve used his hand painted crankbaits – they too are among the Rembrandts of the casting plug universe.

“Orange just seems to be a color they see a lot in the natural universe – from sunfish to crawfish pinchers, and so whether I’m pouring plastics, or painting crankbaits – I’ve often emphasized orange,” says Krew.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Krew. I’m absolutely convinced the addition of orange to a crawfish imitating lure helps generate more bites, especially from smallmouth, but also largemouth to some degree as well.

So even though we tend to default to our more natural bass fishing color pallette of green pumpkins, blacks and blues – adding a splash of orange can certainly increase your catch rates.

River2Sea Adds FLW Tour Pro Glenn Browne

Vacaville, Calif. – January 11, 2018 – Northern California based lure manufacturer, River2Sea announces the addition of Ocala, Fla. FLW Tour Pro; Glenn Browne.
Browne is a 12-year veteran of professional tour fishing, who has earned more than a million dollars in his career. Along the way, the Floridian has earned four FLW wins, 27 top ten finishes in FLW competition and has qualified for six trips to the Forrest Wood Cup.

River2Sea’s Marketing Director, Andy Logan said that Browne has been a part of the extended family for years, and the company is happy to make the relationship official. “Glenn has been someone we developed a friendship with as we’ve met and gone fishing together through our travels to Florida and ICAST,” said Logan. “As a person, he fits our company, and are thrilled to officially bring him onto River2Sea’s pro team.

Brown echoed the feelings of the company. “I am truly excited to team up with River2sea, they are such an innovator in the sport of bass fishing with a wide variety of fish catching lures,” said Browne. The relationship between River2Sea and me is one that we have developed over the past several years. Every weekend after ICAST the guys stick around to go fishing. I take them offshore fishing or bass fishing, and it’s great to be joining the family. The guys at River2Sea have become such great friends over the past years, while I was going through my cancer battle this year both Angelo and Andy checked in with me on a regular basis to make sure I was doing well and if there was anything they could do for me.
Outside of the personal friendship, Browne said there are other reasons he is proud of the association. “River2Sea is a company willing to build lures that are exclusively angler designed. It is exciting to be able to sit down with Simon Chan and work together to design lures that I have the ultimate confidence in when I hit the water,” he said. “I have been fishing with their Bully Wa series of frogs and Whopper Ploppers for years and know how great all of the River2Sea products perform. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an innovative and established company that is willing to invest in different ideas and products.”

The company expects big things from their new addition. “Stay tuned, big things to come for Mr. Browne and we are looking forward to him being a big part of our Pro team,” said Logan. “He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of fishing at the top level. His strengths as a shallow water fisherman make him a perfect fit for our team, we are excited to bring him on board.”

About River2Sea – River2Sea USA manufactures products for both fresh and saltwater applications. The product line features the highest quality materials and workmanship available in the business today. From the surface to the bottom, and in the tackle stores they make lures that produce results… from River2Sea.

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