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This is a revolutionary vibrating bait with a free-swinging hook behind an oscillating, coffinstyle blade. This free-swinging hook adds a unique style of action to a popular bait style.


We used a lighter wire to allow the blades to produce more action, giving the bait more vibration in the water. Made with #2 standard Gamakatsu treble hook, and all the feathers are hand tied.


The commando buzzbait is a totally unique addition to the commando line. By utilizing a free swinging hook attached by a split ring, the bait has an action unlike any other buzzbait on the market.


“What Is It Wednesday”

This weeks “What Is It Wednesdy” features an ultra clear screen shot Raymarine Pro Trait Crist ran across the other day. Here is what is is and how to fish it. Bass feeding on a massive amount of bait fish…. You generally can throw anything down...

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A Freaky Hybrid

The topwater bite is coming on strong as water temperatures climb. We here at Bass East are frog freaks and have tried them all, so when something new comes along it’s not hard to grab our attention. At first look the new Molix Supernato Beetle may have you...

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